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Steve and Ruth Ride Across America
Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday's email was name Day 69. It should have been Day
 68. Today is the real Day 69.

Yesterday I looked all the weather reports and decided that
 the one I believed was cloudy in the morning and rain in
 the afternoon starting as early as 12:00. So I considered
my options including staying in Grande Vallee. Taking the
short cut across the peninsula would cut about 30 km off the
distance to Gaspe but that would leave me exposed if it rained.
 Going toward the lighthouse at Cap de Rosiers was a favorite
option because of the location but it was 93 km. The only good
 thing about it was that I could stop short at several different
 towns along the way.

As I left Grande Vallee this morning I coiled feel that my legs
 didn't have it it did yesterday morning. The hills seem steeper
 but I made my way up them in lower gears and at an easier pace.
 But I found out that all the bailout towns have steep hills
before and after the towns. I hated going down to a town but
 there was no alternative.

It was hard to predict the weather. It was clear over the
water and overcast over me but there were threatening clouds
 to my right over the hills. Later the clouds ahead of me
( coming from the hills) were crossing in front of me some
distance away but that was where I was going.

Finally the hill out of Petit Cap got to me. I had to stop
 a couple of times to rest going up the 10 - 11% ( average)
hill and when I got to Riviere du Renard I looked at the
motel options. It was my intension to ask about the short
cut versus going around the lighthouse here because this is
where the junction is. The clouds ahead looked more menacing
 and they were coming from the hills on the right where the
short cut is.

I saw the Auberge Caribou as I entered the main part of town
and it looked busy with the lunch crowd leaving the restaurant
 and the motel rooms had just one car parked there so I decided
 to ask about the rates and the wifi situation. I got a nice
room with a sofa and a kitchenette so it will be comfortable
if it rains tomorrow and I have to stay another day.

The Statistics: 4.68 miles and 3541 feet of climbing with a max of 15%

Steve in Riviere du Renard, Quebec, Canada

I made a mistake. I actually went 41.68 miles.

It is raining now so all I have to do is to figure the weather for
 tomorrow. This trip has become a matter of watching the weatherman.

When I get to Gaspe, I have the option of

1. Riding on to Nova Scotia and taking the ferry to from Digby
 to St Johns, NB and the bus to Portland or Bar Harbor, Maine

2. Riding to St Johns, New Brunswick and taking the bus to
Portland or Bar Harbor, Maine

3. I can take the train from Gaspe to Quebec.

My problem with flying home from Canada is shipping excess
luggage goes through customs. Flying from the US makes it
easier to ship excess luggage via UPS.

I allocated three months for the trip so I have until Oct 1
 to make up my mind. The weather may decide it for me.

A potential problem that Joe mentioned was the lack of motels
 in small towns and some of those motels may be small. I use
 Google Maps to look for motels in the towns ahead of me and
 I never depend on the towns that have one motel. I have been
 through too many towns that have closed up motels, closed for
 the season or abandoned or for sale. Some motels have only
10 to 20 units and some motels have hardly any customers although
they do get more customers about 6 to 7 whereas I try to get in
between 3 and 4.


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