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Steve and Ruth Ride Across America
Friday, 10 September 2010

Hi Everyone,

Today's travel was much easier than yesterday even though it was not simple. The convenience store / bus terminal had a different clerk who knew why she was doing and processed my ticket and luggage tags promptly. I was supposed to have two changes of buses but it turned out to be only one change of bus and the same bus with a change of drivers. Then too, the Howard Johnson drove me to the bus terminal.

The route was a change of buses at Miramichi and a change of drivers at Fredericton. At Fredericton I sat in the front seat and talked to the driver. I asked him about the bus terminal at Saint John and where the hotels are. He told me and pointed out the nearest ones as we approached the bus terminal. The Holiday Day Inn Express is just one parking lot and one block away.

However what the driver did that was more important was the storing of my bike and luggage overnight at the bus terminal. I went in to the counter and the clerks said that I had to talk to the guy with the push cart getting the packages out of the bus. I got my luggage and placed them in the lobby and went back to get my bike. The guy with the push cart had left the bus and going toward the baggage and package entrance. The driver helped me with the bike box and said we had to follow the other guy and took the bike box into the luggage storage area. He spoke to the guy directly about the bike box storage for the night and that I would be taking the bus to Bangor tomorrow. I mentioned that I had some other stuff to store overnight also and brought them from the lobby to the counter and the driver took them to the back also. The guy mentioned something about luggage tags and I said that they all had luggage tags.

The weather was on and off rain. I saw one bike tourist today riding on the limited access highway in the rain. Yesterday I saw one bike tourist riding on a regular two lane highway in the rain pulling a trailer.

New Brunswick does not have many motels in the small towns that the bus goes through. The terrain is fairly flat but on the last leg, there were a few good hills, maybe because we were going across the province versus going with more north - south.

Steve in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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