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Steve and Ruth Ride Across America
Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hi  Everyone,  This morning I was in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and tonight I am = in Bangor, Maine in the good old USA.  This morning I had plenty of time to surf the Internet because the bus = for Bangor did not leave until 2:20 pm.  I checked hotels in Bangor and = found out that the best candidate near the bus station in downtown was = the Charles Inn (later confirmed by the bus driver as a good hotel) but = it was a "call for availability" for tonight but available tomorrow = night.  Then I checked another downtown hotel and it was $189 for = tonight and about $100 tomorrow night.  It should have triggered a = warning bell.  I decided to stay by the airport because the UPS store is closer out = here and there is a street here that has at least six motels all = together.  I thought that it was like a freeway interchange where motels = all congregate.  I lucked out that the first taxi cab available at the = bus station was a small van but the driver could not lower both back = seats.  He said that he could not take my bike box.  I took one look at = the car and told him that if we remove the headrests from both back = seats, we could put the bike box on top of the seats.  Problem solved = and we left for the airport motel street.  We got to the Howard Johnson and I told him to wait until I checked to = make sure that a room was available.  All full.  We went across the = street to Econolodge.  Full.  Fairfield did have a few rooms available = earlier.  Yes the Fairfield Inn did have a room for me.  $135 for = tonight and lower tomorrow night (back to the normal price).  There is a = concert tonight - an acoustic guitarist.  Sunday is my preparation day.  Sort my stuff and carry one pannier as = luggage and one pannier as a carry on.  All the other stuff will be sent = via UPS including my bike box.=20  Monday I will go visit the UPS store and ship everything. =20  Tuesday is my preferred flight day.  I do not have a reservation and = will make it tomorrow.  Delta wants an obscene price for an one way = ticket and Expedia wants one-third of that for an US Air flight.  US Air = wants $100 for a bike so that makes UPS the obvious choice.  Plus it = makes it easier at the airport and for whoever picks me up at the = airport.  I was surprised yesterday at Fredericton bus terminal where more than = half of the taxis that showed (dropped off a lot of passengers) were = vans or station wagons.  Maybe Fredericton being a college town makes it = a necessity.  My T-Mobile cell phone works great here - five bars.  Also my AT&T (3G?) = is available here. The reason that I put the ? on the 3G is that it = worked in the lobby but not in the room.  My wifi was super high speed = in the lobby and the elevator but spotty in the room.  Wifi connects in = the room but I don't have an Internet connection at the desk but it = works by the door and in the bathroom.  There were only five passengers in the bus for Bangor.  It was sunny and = warm as soon as we entered the USA.  Another reason why the motels are full:  there are at least two Canadian = football teams here to play an exhibition.  The team from the University = of New Brunswick at St John is here at my motel.  There is also a bunch = of women for a bingo game.  A reminder for whoever picks me up, my cell phone number is  408-598-7382  I'll let you know my flight schedule as soon as I make a reservation. Steve in Bangor, Maine, USA 

Posted by steveruthrar at 8:21 PM PDT

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