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Steve and Ruth Ride Across America
Thursday, 8 July 2010
Bonners Ferry
Topic: Bonners Ferry
Hi Everyone,

This morning started out with a visit to the "grand opening" of the Safeway. It must have been yesterday because they were almost completely out of the fresh baked goods.

Then we headed out on US 95/2 toward Bonners Ferry and ran into a construction traffic jam. Asserting our right to the head of the line, we rode in the shoulder until we figured out what was the problem and which way we wanted to go. They were working on a new intersection and had a STOP sign. The right lane had no problems (T intersection) and we wanted to make a left turn with lots of cars and trucks behind us. Facing us were 4 cars and they had equal priority. Well we asserted our right to turn with the leading car and rode through the construction mess with no traffic because they were stuck at the stop sign.

Most of the cars must have turned off at the shopping center about a half mile away and the fears of heavy fast traffic went away. The shoulder in general was good but was narrow in spots but that was usually when there was an extra lane in our direction. Then we ran into "rumble" strips for the first time in a week.

The highlight or lowlight of the day were small number of logging trucks. Instead, they were replaced by empty pig transporters.

We saw several long freight trains stopped. They must have been waiting at a STOP light also. Later they started moving and there must be a major rail terminus here.

Eventually we saw a billboard for the Log Inn (motel) 5.5 miles away and we knew that we were getting near Bonners Ferry. In just another mile or so, we entered Bonners Ferry and saw the Forest Service headquarters and a reasonably cheap motel. We kept on going and found a fancier motel. We kept on going and found another motel. Finally we saw a downhill sign and I knew that Bonners Ferry was on the river so I assumed that the main part of town was down the hill next to the rivers so I went down. Over the crest, I saw a town and at the bottom I saw the Best Western that people in Sandpoint mentioned. By the way, it is also a casino. I went in and asked for the price and it was higher than I wanted and there were no other hotels by the river. The Log Inn was across the river and up the hill and it's nearest restaurant was a half mile away. The price at the Best Western was not a surprise because I checked it out on the Internet last night but I was hoping for a good discount.

So we are at the Best Western Casino. It has extras like bathrobes, towels for the swimming pool or spa, and a deck. The deck is great for drying my clothes in the 90 degree heat. I wonder what the hotel would think if I were to use the bathrobe to dry my clothes?

Ruth had problem her front dérailleur again and removed the rear fender. That will solve the shifting problem and she doesn't need a rear fender because it is hot and dry! Also the rear panniers, the sleeping bag sack and the tent and foam sleeping pad will keep water off her back.

I had the handlebar bag clamp slip once today but pushed back in place and moved the camera to a rear pannier. I just added extra cable ties to hold the quick release clamp in place. I'll find out tomorrow if this is the final solution.

The Statistics: 34.05 miles and 900 feet climb.

Tomorrow should be a 51 mile ride based on my AAA map. We will also get back on the Adventure Cycling route.

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